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02.54 – Plays loop of music would spend 2 hours playing.

03.30 – same as writing would spend hours

04.19 – Wrote a book out of a problem, class students did not like the book Jane Eyre.

05.22 – Classical literature is tedious

05.30 – Past out just reading a page of Moby Dick, wording is so dense.

05.40 – What to make something a little more tolerable,

07.00 – Give a French a go and don’t worry if you get it wrong.

07.30 – Just like writing just write something down.

07.50 – Don’t worry if its right or wrong just do it.

08.20 – A judgment-free zone when you first write something or compose something.

08.30 – We are our own biggest judge.

08.50 – How do you stop that inner critic?

09.00 – No magic formula, just power through it.

09.10 – Just inhale two hair cow farts. No magical formula.

09.30 – The objective was to make Jane Eyre more understandable.

10.33 – Not aware of any readaptation of Jane Eyre making her a really good Batman.

10.50 – Took out the literal characters and put them in a new frame.

11.14 – Outline of the book, you don’t have to have read the original book to understand the book.

12.00 – Jane had a really abusive childhood.

12.45 – Gets locked away in a haunted bedroom.

13.30 – Similar story to Batman losing his parents at an early age.

13.55 – I love Batman.

14.36 – Jane Eyre pulls has other characters to help her. Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson, David Copperfield, and Robin Hood.

15.20 – Good guys going up against literature villains, such as Macbeth, Dracula and Frankenstein.

15.45 – Book is not too violent.

16.00 – Audience from 18 and above.

16.35 – Hopefully will get people interested in literature and investigate the characters.

17.00 – Some research into the characters.

17.55 – One of the characters is similar to the Punisher from Marvel.

18.40 – Inspired by the Walking Dead

19.30 – Went through a lot of potential characters when planning the book.

20.40 – Started reading comics, that got me interested in storytelling.

21.20 – Then went into drawing my own comics.

21.50 – Was the school student that was in the corner drawing comics.

22.00 – Then started writing short stories.

22.10 – Then got into rapping.

23.25 – Amr’s mother is Nevine Kamel, check out her show on Doha Heat

24.35 – Have a younger brother, completely different.

25.20 – I am a listener, love listening to people.

26.20 – One Direction Fan club in the education city.

26.55 – Extended universe, extend the universe for the characters.

27.50 – Working on a musical that is not related to the book.

28.10 – There will be rapping.

28.45 – Book is out on Kobo – ebook official site.

30.30 – Other publishing sites were a pain.

31.27 – Tips on self-publishing.

32.20 – An idea for another book is coming.

32.50 – Had a friend look over the drafts of the book.

33.40 – Had my Aunty critic the book although has not finished it yet.

34.10 – Since the release what has the response been?

34.30 – It's one thing to self-release but the other thing that is really hard is to sell it.

35.10 – The book is an ebook.

36.00 – Both parents believe in me.

36.30 – A little rap for you.

38.00 – Find him on Instagram

38.50 – Amr writes poetry. Performed at Words & Strings

40.30 – Going to George Town University

41.20 – Great support system for students at the University.

44.31 – Safe age group for the book + 15 

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