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Doha Heat is a weekly, communal podcast created for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day.

2.08 – Joined The Army at 16

2.45 – Why Joining the army – age 15,16 had 3 options Wind Surfing, Scholarship Bristol Alvick, Apprenticeship with Anglian Windows,

3.35 – Religious retreat, roman catholic going away at weekends. Heard a voice in his head, what should I do and it said to join the army. The next day he signed up.

5.07 – Someone had belief in him and never forget it, so wants to give back when it comes to other people.

6.15 – Chef in the army. Wanted to go in the household cavalry but they didn’t let him.

7.30 – The love of home economics led him to be a chef in the army

8.04 – Army marches on its stomach

8.48 – Been all over the world for 10 years in the army.

10.04 – I can't read and I can't write but I can drive a tractor – saying because he was from Bristol.

10.50 – If he was told he can't do it, he always wanted to prove them wrong.

13.10 – Didn’t stand for bullying, but wanted to help people and to be fair.

13.40 – Being in the service industry to do your best, provide quality.

14.00 – Stupid & Nieve – Chef with 22 SAS – Followed the steps of Lawrence Arabia, Jungle with Ubon tribesmen, flown an Agusta 109 helicopter.

15.00 – Fighting on the rugby pitch with a lieutenant, which ended up Steve being on show parades for 6 months

15.35 – Leave the army then go into the fire brigade, which was a fail but he failed the multiple choice because he didn't focus on the questions, so didn’t get in.

16.36 – World fell apart after leaving the army

17.15 – HGV 3 HGV 2 never used those skills after leaving the army.

18.04 – Fortune teller said you must stay on the Lilly pad and not jump around to achieve your goals. Didn’t listen.

18.25 – Only now does he realize that he should have stayed on the Lilly pad

18.45 – Much wiser.

18.51 – Top 10 earners for a door to door salesman for Cobra Group – Commission Only – earning stupid money

19.15 – Thought he had to be and act someone he wasn’t due to the kind of money he was earning. Confident and arrogant

20.00 – Envy someone but do you really know what it is like to walk in my shoes.

20.45 – Churchill Arms – Sausage factory. – Sold 35 different types of sausages.

21.14 – The chef got ill so Steve stepped in and saved the day with his chef cooking ability.

21.20 – Luton to Tyne over the weekend. Didn’t want to let the team down

22.05 – Wife, 4 kids, and 4 grandchildren. They are Steve’s grounding

22.40 – 53 years old, I have the tools, now how do I use them do my best abilities.

23.30 – Outside Wandsworth Prison, having ex-prisoners chasing him down the road.

24.20 – People come up to Steve thanking him on what inspiration he said.

25.13 – Sports Podcast making a difference – about the story to inspire.

26.00 – All guests have something special to give.

27.00 – Bring out the best in their guests.

28.00 – Become a mentor in your career

28.20 – Life Change 2 years ago arriving back in Qatar with 200 QR in his pocket

28.58 – Wanted to promote Street Soccer

29.21 – Didn’t know where his next meal would come from

29.40 – Mentoring at Carnegie Mellon based on a free lunch.

30.20 – Didn’t think he was worthy because he wasn’t educated but realized his natural ability and experience.

31.00 – Intimidated by the educated

31.45 – Natural ability to match peoples skills

32.10 – Still intimidated

32.29 – Untethered Soul – Big inspiration

33.00 – A journey of self-discovery and during the pandemic has given individual support.

33.50 – Scary, horrible but a chapter that has given me inner strength.

34.57 – Work as hard as you can, love what you do, someone will find you.

35.35 – Qatar has no fear, next generation

36.15 – I am a different person.

36.45 – Sometimes you get bogged down and not looking for help.

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