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Doha Heat is a weekly, communal podcast created for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day.

If you’re feeling stuck, have found yourself at a crossroads in your life  or situation and want change to happen, then listen to this podcast episode with Dr. Sarah Lawson!

Dr. Sarah education is second to none. She is applying this knowledge and her very own first hand experience, for trailing partners following their partners to Qatar who currently feel their existance has come to a halt. 

A fun and very interesting podcast that addresses the experiences most families will go through.

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Haya Mashhood of Standard Chartered Bank discusses corporate affairs, the brand and marketing.

Standard Chartered Bank not only play massive role internationally for communities all over the world, they also play a huge role locally in Qatar.

Standard Chartered's open door policy has set the foundations with 'Seeing is Believing' a charity created by Standard Chartereds employees has generated $70million dollars so far in just 11 years! Their target is $100milion


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Mada are a beautiful organisation with a wonderful attitude personified by David Banes their Deputy CEO.

Whatever your needs may be (Qatar Assistive Technology Center) based in Doha can help connect you to the world of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Through Mada, people with learning, visual, hearing and physical disabilities including Dyslexia are able to use ICT without barriers, unlocking a world of opportunities and information. Even those with pain or discomfortusing a computer can benefit from Mada's services.

As a nonprofit organisation, Mada offers assessments, advice and training for everyone!

Was a pleasure to interview David and to be continually reminded of time, effort and money the Qatari Government is investing in its citizens future!

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Perseverence, commitment, delivery and focus are just some of the ingredients that make up this family run business Belle Harvey Interiors.

Belle Harvey, owned, run and managed by business partners Simon Joss and Neil Robson have created a real name for themsleves within their industry. Design, fitout and full turnkey solutions BH are ranked highly against their competition providing excellent customer service.

Added to the above, a plethora of excellent reviews and positive comments from clients from past and present clients.


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Servcorp are committed to being the world's best Serviced Office and Business solutions provider. Their business was founded on one principle - by reducing your costs and sharing your overheads, businesses will succeed. 

Servcorp not only gives you the ability to run your business from the best locations in the best cities around the world, but they also want to give you the best facilities, the best technology and the best people they possible can.

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Legacy Sports and Events (LSE) aim to develop sports at grass roots, social and corporate levels throughout Qatar. In addition to this they will host sports related events and provide assistance to national sports projects. Through training academies, social and corporate leagues and events they will increase the availability of sport in the community and strive to help Qatar achieve their sporting aspirations.


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Established in 1995, Prozone has been pioneering performance analysis for 19 years. In that time they’ve worked with many of the leading clubs and organisations in sport to deliver the world’s leading performance analysis services.

In 2011, Prozone and Amisco joined forces to lead the performance analysis industry with a strong combined vision.

They are the pioneers of performance analysis in sport. Amisco invented the technology and set the standard, Prozone created the industry. Their mission is to deliver insights which have a genuine on-field impact. Through intelligence and innovation, they've unlocked the rich potential of data to reveal the true nature of performance.

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With 25 years experience within the Insurance and re-insurance world, ex Army Officer in the British Armed Forces Douglas Barker talks Insurance with Doha Heat

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Absolute Fitness offers a range of corporate wellness solutions through various channels aimed at improving the productivity, health, fitness, morale, and work performance of individuals in a workforce.

 They aim to advise, educate and inspire management and employees to make changes to the way they live including Corporate training which enhances the lives of individuals, fostering teamwork and camaraderie and nurtures a workplace environment that is more energised, positive and productive.


 Their highly skilled and experienced team consists of fitness professionals, health coaches and nutritional experts. They offer various programs and solutions, which reflect the core values of the companies they work with.


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With over 27 years experience as a qualified Independent Financial Adviser Brian Ferguson (seen closest to camera) @ wealth management company PWS talks with Doha Heat about how the Offshore Financial Services Industry works, where he started and his perfect client!

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Claire Kanj | Founder & Creative Partner

Size 34 – Creative Designs and Events

Full of ambition and vibrancy, Claire, is a visual creator of thought.

Claire is a Lebanese who was bought up in the UAE. Having graduated as a graphic designer with honors, worked along side worldwide recognized designers, collating experience in Turkey, Barcelona, Japan and UAE and her immense experience in creating brands, designing and managing events over the last 10 years, Claire ensures that Size 34 stays on the edge of any creativity breakthrough.

From new brand identities and full company literature to designing events,  and knowing that no size fits all, Size 34 was conceived as her business concept to provide clients with tailor made solutions for any kind of design and event need.

After several years in Dubai and working with clients such as Dubai Properties Group, Philadelphia Cheese, JWT, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi, and many entrepreneurs to name a few, Claire has now established Size 34 in Qatar and is sharing her expertise and creative ideas to contribute to the expansive growth here.

She is also currently giving a community course at VCU in Event Design. Moreover, one of her latest event concepts “Un-cuffed” that she has recently launched exclusively for Doha, focuses on bringing together all curious women who enjoy beauty, fashion, and luxury. She believes that these events will be a remarkable place for all women who enjoy beautiful things!

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Kumar has been involved with cars since he arried in Qatar quickly becoming a top seller in his field! 

Kumar explains exactly who Epic Rent a Car are including their values and describes the process of renting or leasing from Epic.


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With 19 pharmicutical shops in and around Doha, the founder of Care n Cure certainly knows how things work with in this industry!!  

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