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Doha Heat is a weekly, communal podcast created for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day.

The way we present ourselves matters, not because we want to please others—but because it is a reflection of how we take care of ourselves. Catch Natalia Sieverina on #DohaHeat as she talks about confidence building with style! WATCH: LISTEN: 

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Half-way through December, but the things that we can do just got doubled! 🎉 Check out our #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: #GingerCamel #YourOnion #DohaHeat #InTheGame #Doha #Events #QatarEvents #Sports #Business #Entertainment #Fashion #Food

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It is all about empowering each other, and focusing on one's strengths! 🥊Catch Caitlin AbuBaker May on #DohaHeat now live! WATCH: LISTEN: 

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Another great week to get those feet moving and enjoy what #Qatar has to offer! 👣Check out our #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: #GingerCamel #YourOnion #DohaHeat #InTheGame #Doha #Events #QatarEvents #Sports #Business #Entertainment #Fashion #Food

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December is here, winter in #Doha with these #events!! 👣 Check out our #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: #GingerCamel #YourOnion #DohaHeat #InTheGame #Doha #Events #QatarEvents #Sports #Business #Entertainment #Fashion #Food

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#DohaHeat is here! 🔥For our first guest, we have Sana Aftab from Sidra who will talk about one of the most important job in our community, which is being a mother! ❤️ Catch her #podcast episode live now! WATCH: #Mother #Motherhood #Mom #Doha #Qatar #Pregnant #Pregnancy

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November is ending soon, but #events are not stopping! 👣 Check out our #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: #GingerCamel #YourOnion #DohaHeat #InTheGame #Doha #Events #QatarEvents #Sports #Business #Entertainment #Fashion #Food

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Don't slob on the couch, start moving, especiall with these events happening around! 🏃🏻 Check out our #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: 

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What's up #Doha? We got some great activities for you this week! 👣 Check out our #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: #GingerCamel #YourOnion #DohaHeat #InTheGame #Doha #Events #QatarEvents #Sports #Business #Entertainment #Fashion #Food

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Make the most of the week and go places! 📍 Check out our #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: 

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Get those feet moving cause we have some great #events in #Qatar this week! 👣 Check out our #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: 

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A lot of great activities this week in #Qatar! 🙌🏻 Check out our #events #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment: 

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So what's happening in #Qatar this week? Check out our #events #podcast covering all corners of what's going on in #Doha, from sports to business to entertainment:

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Coming together from different corners of the society to bring you the latest upcoming events in #Qatar every Sunday! If you want to keep updated with what's happening, make sure to stay tuned to #GingerALERT! 🚨#GingerCamel #YourOnion #DohaHeat #InTheGame #Doha #Events #QatarEvents #Sports #Business #Entertainment #Fashion #Food

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Reema Abu Hasan is a young entrepreneur who used her skills in architecture and her love for pottery to introduce a pottery studio Clay Encounters to Doha. Within a year of opening, Clay Encounters has gained popularity and retails at the National Museum of Qatar. Tune in today to hear from Reema about the soothing nature of pottery and the rewarding nature of her work!

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in conversation with the Honorable Mr. Carlos Hernandez, the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Qatar and his spouse Noela Romero. Tune in as they share their experiences of belonging in multiple places and discuss the bilateral relationship between Qatar and Argentina.

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Elisabete Reis is an inspirational female entrepreneur who built a name for herself within a decade of living in Doha. Tune into hear from the Image, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant about her inspiration, journey, and an expert's take on modest fashion!

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Today, we speak to Nader Diab, a travel enthusiast and co-founder of The Globe Jumpers, an online platform that helps fellow travelers with all travel and adventure information around the world. These friends travel around the world and take photos of themselves jumping with scenic locales, but they also raise awareness about health conditions, initiatives, and charities. We discuss positivity and how to embrace it on a daily basis, brain education, getting out of your comfort zone, and much more! 

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Today, we speak to Rebekah Gomez, Founder of Superheroes Eat Plants. We talk about her journey transitioning to veganism and the benefits of going vegan on the health, animals, and environment. Listen in for how to stay healthy and still have affordable vegan food options, Rebekah’s company, and more.

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Jasmin Maier’s love for animals started ever since childhood. While she pursued different fields in hotel management and marketing as an adult, she still felt a lack of fulfillment within her. This eventually led her to leaving her full-time job and starting her own business, The Pawkeeper Qatar, as a dog trainer. In this episode, we discuss everything dogs, from the reason for why dog training is a necessity, to how to get over your phobia of animals. Listen in for her full story!

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This week, our special guest is Shehar Bano Rizvi, a popular Instagram blogger and photographer in Doha. We talk about her experience living in Qatar and how the country has evolved over the years, her struggles with finding her own community here and the challenges she faced with regards to her mental health, and how she’s started her own photography business. Listen in for a very special and inspirational episode!

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Afshin Jaber's passion for the field of music started from childhood, when music education was unheard of in the region. Now, he is a professional pianist and music education expert in Qatar. In this episode, we talk about the journey he took to achieving his dreams, the challenges he faced along the way, and the importance of schooling in music.

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In this episode, Zarina Rajah, a popular blogger and personality in Qatar interviews our host, Ifath Sayed. She turns the tables around and gets Ifath to answer questions about her life, how she chose her career, her passion for women empowerment, the important of podcasts, and things you didn’t know about our host! 

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With a unique upbringing in an old-age home, Nigel Downes grew up to become a stellar photographer who has covered the Rwandan genocide and been on several other photographic ventures. In this episode, we talk about his near-death experiences and how they transformed his life, his love for photography, and his latest Ramadan project in Qatar!

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Mariam Al-Dhubhani and Mohammed Al-Jaberi are a power couple soon to be graduating from Qatar Foundation. We talked about their move from Yemen to Qatar in the midst of the war, the survivor’s guilt they had to deal with, and their experience studying in the QF universities. Listen in to this couple talking about all things education!

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We’re collaborating with Qatar Foundation to celebrate their convocation! In this episode, we speak to Anusheh Zaman, a student from VCUArts Qatar and Mohammad Almansouri from Texas A&M University at Qatar. We talk about the high education system in Qatar, the student's achievements, the challenges they faced in their four years at university and their future plans. 

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Who says modesty cannot be fashionable? Shafna Majeed, a Qatar based stay-at-home mom, challenges this very notion with her own fashion brand after she noticed a lack of modest fashion options for Muslim women in the market. We talk about her experiences living in Qatar, the mental and physical challenges she faced, and her latest venture, Zenanah, a modest clothing brand for women. Listen in for some sure-fire inspiration. 

We're also collaborating with Zenanah for a giveaway. To enter, click here.

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Jean-Marie, better known as Gigi, is a well-known show host on Qatar Living, a model and social media influencer in Qatar. In this episode, we talk to her about her career in modeling, the misconceptions associated with the field, and the role of influencers in Qatar. She provides some tips to people looking to enter the field and also standards influencers should hold themselves accountable to. 

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Qatar has been under a lot of scrutiny these past years for human and labor rights, so we invited the International Labor Organization (ILO) to clear some of these misconceptions. We spoke to Houtan Homayounpour, Head of the ILO Project office for the State of Qatar about the reason behind the Qatar-ILO partnership, new initiatives and reforms the government is taking, how Qatar has tackled criticism with regards to human rights, and much more! 

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You've seen our host, Ifath Sayed always getting other people's secrets out, but on this episode, we find out surprising things about her from the person who knows her best, her mom, Tasneem Sayed! Kenza Bakrim, our producer, joins us in this episode with some fun games and facilitates some great mother-daughter banter. Listen in below for the best Mother's Day special you've ever heard. 

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In this episode marking International Women's Day, we had quite an animated discussion with Amira Shohdi, Egyptian blogger and founder of the #Icantdoitall movement, where we discussed women's rights from cultural, social, political, and religious perspectives. We talked about the pressures faced by today's women, as well as their advancement and successes. Listen in to celebrate this special day with two women who feel strongly about women empowerment. 

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Moos d'Herripon, Theatre Director and Drama Teacher from Netherlands, was passionate about theatre ever since she was a child. This passion led to her interest in physical acting and then working as a director all around the world. In this episode, we talk about the meaningfulness of the art, the theatre scene in Qatar, and much more!

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We're celebrating Qatar National Sports Day soon, so it only makes sense for us to talk to one of the biggest sporting organizations of the nation, Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. In this episode, Samantha Sifah, their Head of Committee Outreach talks about all the community events organized by the Committee leading up to the World Cup and how you can participate. We discuss the meaningfulness of community development, playing or engaging in sports, and we also asked her the most important question of all—what she thinks Qatar will look like after 2022. 

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Can you imagine what it's like to resign from a lucrative position of a CEO from a renowned company so you can follow your dreams? Omar Ashour left his comfortable job and took up the challenge of setting off on his own entrepreneurial journey last year with his company, EButler, an application where you can gain access to reliable service providers for all kinds of services, from home beauty, phone repair, educational, to even car repair services, bringing you the ultimate convenience. In this episode, we talk all about the process of being an entrepreneur, from challenges and pitfalls to tips on succeeding as one.

To download the app:

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Stephanie Innes-Smith and Kate Cliffe talk to us about their wonderful initiative, Team Q90K, which is the first all-female team that will run across Qatar, east-to-west, 90km, in a run taking place on 25 January 2019. We discuss what inspires them to keep fit, the benefits of running, and more.

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Dr. Carmen Lopez struggled with financial difficulties growing up, which delayed her college education, but that didn't stop her from successfully achieving a PHD degree. She came to Qatar as a scientist, but her love for reading and writing encouraged her to write a series of short stories about her Puerto Rican culture, but one different from others—these stories don't focus on violence and anger as is the case for most books, but rather gives a positive touch to human struggles. Dr. Carmen believes that's what her country needs as it recovers from the violent hurricane that struck it this year. To find out when the book comes out and learn about her courage, grit and perseverance, listen in.

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