Doha Heat
Doha Heat is a weekly, communal podcast created for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day.

Reema Abu Hasan is a young entrepreneur who used her skills in architecture and her love for pottery to introduce a pottery studio Clay Encounters to Doha. Within a year of opening, Clay Encounters has gained popularity and retails at the National Museum of Qatar. Tune in today to hear from Reema about the soothing nature of pottery and the rewarding nature of her work!

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in conversation with the Honorable Mr. Carlos Hernandez, the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Qatar and his spouse Noela Romero. Tune in as they share their experiences of belonging in multiple places and discuss the bilateral relationship between Qatar and Argentina.

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Elisabete Reis is an inspirational female entrepreneur who built a name for herself within a decade of living in Doha. Tune into hear from the Image, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant about her inspiration, journey, and an expert's take on modest fashion!

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Today, we speak to Nader Diab, a travel enthusiast and co-founder of The Globe Jumpers, an online platform that helps fellow travelers with all travel and adventure information around the world. These friends travel around the world and take photos of themselves jumping with scenic locales, but they also raise awareness about health conditions, initiatives, and charities. We discuss positivity and how to embrace it on a daily basis, brain education, getting out of your comfort zone, and much more! 

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