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Doha Heat is a weekly, communal podcast created for every type of individual who currently calls Qatar home, has in the past, or may one day.

You're listening to Doha heat. This is episode 334. It is the second to last podcast to go out here on Doha heat, as we are rounding the show-up. And if you would like to listen to me, you can listen to my podcast and it is called Stefan Lindberg- Jones' work, rest, and play podcast. Today's podcast is with a great guy called Ahmed Abbas.
He is the podcast host of the Sit-down with Seth. Fantastic guy, full of energy, and we have a long chat about his whole life and what makes him tick. And we have a real good laugh. So enjoy the show. And remember, this is the second to last podcast before we switch Doha Heat off. And please go and visit me on Stefan Lindberg- Jones work, rest, and play podcast.
Have a great day. Bye-bye.
Actually, pick up. I'm like, dude, I don't know what to tell you, but it, it takes a while the podcast scene here is a bit, on the, no one really knows it. I mean, let's be honest. I mean, there's like, I think four known ones. Right? Well, are there, well it's, I mean, I'm going to count mine. Okay. But you know, you're, you're the, you're the OG ones you've been here for a while, but when did you start with your voice?
Do I hate 2014, your onion 2016? Okay. So that's Oh, gee. That's like, I think before that, what was it usually? I think I love Qatar tried for about six months and then they gave up, I think that, yeah, I briefly remember seeing something. cause I know I started something and 2011.
No, not love before that. And it was, you want the godfather, but even that didn't even, that was called didn't last. It was called the coffee shop podcast. And I think I told you about yeah. Yeah, but that's, that is on-air. It's on YouTube, but it's not on the audio side. So it's a tenant. Tell us, tell us about the coffee shop, the coffee shop podcast, dude, that that was the F like I don't know how it all started, so not to take credit, but I was kind of the brainchild of it because I used to be a big fan of the Ricky Gervais show, the cartoon animated, a podcast where Ricky JVs and his friend make fun of that.
The other friend, Karl Pilkington. Okay. Was an animated podcast. That was it. How'd you get an animated Podcast? Okay. So for anyone listening guys, go check out the Ricky Gervais podcast, . It's just, what's called, it's called the Ricky Gervais show, but it goes out on podcast platforms. Cause it's like a cartoon, but it's a podcast.
It's going to be a podcast. It's no, because the way they're set up, it's like a podcast, and the conversations they're having are very conversational, very podcasting. And it used to be a podcast. Okay. So they've kept the name. They just changed the records of the show and they essentially took the conversation.
They just animated it, you know? So whenever, like whenever, like, Karl or the guy they're talking to Alexa's story that animate like the story, you know, and it was really interesting to see. And I just, I loved, I just loved the fact that they just sat and they just talked. and then they animated the actual shows pretty much.
Okay. And I was like, I have a similar idea, but because we always sit constantly at the same coffee shop and we just talk nonsense, we talk absolute nonsense. I know, but I want to stop you. Okay. You're talking about nonsense. Yeah. But is it, did you think that people would actually want to listen to that nonsense at the time?
I didn't care. I just wanted to release our conversations. Cause there were so funny. That's exactly what I wanted. I was like, I don't care if people listen to this, I just want to get the same people to have mikes on them and just talk. It was me, my good friend, Sid, and then Deep, Deep was kind of the main guy.
And he was like that bad luck person. W he was the one that you would take the Micky out of a kind of, you would do it to himself. He would do it too. So by the prompts, the deep cause he's the one who kind of helped me set me up on OBS and going live now. So I'm not going to pull one of them now because I owe him a lot.
but no, he would do it himself because he would always have like, At the end of the story, he was like a Deep story. His name is Deep and it's like time for another Deep story. Yeah. And it was always like him, like with bad luck, as one of them was like, where, how he got chased by birds. And I was like, what, how he was like, yeah, I was walking back from Uni.
All of a sudden one bird attacked me. And then it was from one to two to three. And he was chased literally for a good 30 minutes by birds. Did he have that type of personality that would just generally have a black cloud over his head, literally attract a hundred percent, a hundred percent? I told them, dude, bad karma was coming.

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Welcome to Doha Heat podcast. Unfortunately, this is one of the last few podcasts I recorded in 2020 and Doha Heat will be no more. It's going to be shelved, but you can still go back and listen to all the other episodes. It will be available on any of your podcast apps. And, there is a lot of good content that we recorded over the six years and we've had some amazing guests.
So I like to do a big shout out to all the guests that have been on Doha Heat. And I would like to give a big shout out to all my fabulous hosts that have taken this journey of this great podcast. It's a great six years snippet into. The life of the community that is here in Qatar. So a big farewell, I think there are three more episodes to go out and this is one of them.
And this episode is an interview with Israa Sameer. She is an amazing lady who just by chance had, was doing a film for a school project. And she was inspired by the first Qatari, woman diver here in Qatar. And it changed her life. So I hope you enjoy her story. Bye-bye so diving, how did you get into diving?
It all happened. suddenly I was looking to make a production from, with wa, which was my year capstone to be graduated from the university. And I had like 10, ideas and the 10 ideas in that time, they all like vanished. I couldn't do anything. My brother just suggested that I will make a film about the first Qatari and.
instructor in scuba diving. I said, no, no, not very interested. I love swimming, but I don't like scuba diving at that time. And they really, I really don't know anything about it. So, it all happened like that. I contacted her and she said that I have to get a course, to capture her inside the water. So that happened.
And from that time to now, every year I take a course and sometimes every, like, At six months, they get a course. Then I reached the instructor and assistant instructor. Wow. So how many years has that taken for you to become an instructor from 2016 to right now? No. So four years. Yes. But people can do it like in two years or one year, but I like, for me, it was like a funny thing.

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02.54 – Plays loop of music would spend 2 hours playing.

03.30 – same as writing would spend hours

04.19 – Wrote a book out of a problem, class students did not like the book Jane Eyre.

05.22 – Classical literature is tedious

05.30 – Past out just reading a page of Moby Dick, wording is so dense.

05.40 – What to make something a little more tolerable,

07.00 – Give a French a go and don’t worry if you get it wrong.

07.30 – Just like writing just write something down.

07.50 – Don’t worry if its right or wrong just do it.

08.20 – A judgment-free zone when you first write something or compose something.

08.30 – We are our own biggest judge.

08.50 – How do you stop that inner critic?

09.00 – No magic formula, just power through it.

09.10 – Just inhale two hair cow farts. No magical formula.

09.30 – The objective was to make Jane Eyre more understandable.

10.33 – Not aware of any readaptation of Jane Eyre making her a really good Batman.

10.50 – Took out the literal characters and put them in a new frame.

11.14 – Outline of the book, you don’t have to have read the original book to understand the book.

12.00 – Jane had a really abusive childhood.

12.45 – Gets locked away in a haunted bedroom.

13.30 – Similar story to Batman losing his parents at an early age.

13.55 – I love Batman.

14.36 – Jane Eyre pulls has other characters to help her. Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson, David Copperfield, and Robin Hood.

15.20 – Good guys going up against literature villains, such as Macbeth, Dracula and Frankenstein.

15.45 – Book is not too violent.

16.00 – Audience from 18 and above.

16.35 – Hopefully will get people interested in literature and investigate the characters.

17.00 – Some research into the characters.

17.55 – One of the characters is similar to the Punisher from Marvel.

18.40 – Inspired by the Walking Dead

19.30 – Went through a lot of potential characters when planning the book.

20.40 – Started reading comics, that got me interested in storytelling.

21.20 – Then went into drawing my own comics.

21.50 – Was the school student that was in the corner drawing comics.

22.00 – Then started writing short stories.

22.10 – Then got into rapping.

23.25 – Amr’s mother is Nevine Kamel, check out her show on Doha Heat

24.35 – Have a younger brother, completely different.

25.20 – I am a listener, love listening to people.

26.20 – One Direction Fan club in the education city.

26.55 – Extended universe, extend the universe for the characters.

27.50 – Working on a musical that is not related to the book.

28.10 – There will be rapping.

28.45 – Book is out on Kobo – ebook official site.

30.30 – Other publishing sites were a pain.

31.27 – Tips on self-publishing.

32.20 – An idea for another book is coming.

32.50 – Had a friend look over the drafts of the book.

33.40 – Had my Aunty critic the book although has not finished it yet.

34.10 – Since the release what has the response been?

34.30 – It's one thing to self-release but the other thing that is really hard is to sell it.

35.10 – The book is an ebook.

36.00 – Both parents believe in me.

36.30 – A little rap for you.

38.00 – Find him on Instagram

38.50 – Amr writes poetry. Performed at Words & Strings

40.30 – Going to George Town University

41.20 – Great support system for students at the University.

44.31 – Safe age group for the book + 15 

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00.20 – Born on the West Coast Of Scotland

00.33 – Moved to Nottingham at the age of 9 – The Meadows

01.27 – Stapleford College for A-Levels but dropped out.

01.45 – Studied Education at college then returned to study when she was a lot older and did a Bachelor's In Education.

01.51 – Did a Foundation In Education Support focusing on Special Needs Education.

02.14 – Had a child when Carla was 17 and had to drop out of school.

02.26 – Had a difficult Childhood.

02.30 – This led to her wanting to learn about how to educate children.

03.00 – Had no support system, so needed to find work that gave her the flexibility to look after her family.

03.20 – Carla was a single parent by the age of 21. Had two children by the age of 19.

04.00 – Trained in Business Administration.

04.39 – Hated being on income support while caring for her two young children.

04.45 – While looking after her young children she decided to study hard.

05.00 – Grateful that she had two daughters that were well behaved to be able to study.

05.35 – When the girls were 9 & 11 Carla studied for her degree and would take them into the lecture hall during night school.

07.10 – Big Fan of Super Nanny, where she would learn certain techniques to get the girls to sleep, so she could study.

07.40 – Has a passion to always keep learning.

08.40 – As a child always loved reading and loved school. The teachers were amazing.

09.15 – There was never a problem because you could always find a solution by reading.

10.15 – Only wanted to study to then go out and apply what she learned.

10.40 – There has never been a course that hasn’t been relevant to Carla’s life.

11.05 – Studied formal education as well as online courses.

13.00 – Learning method by doing and applying. Struggle with memory.

13.25 – So gets round the struggle with memory by talking about the subject and how it relates to her life.

14.32 – Left the full-time employment to go it alone, mainly for well-being and for her son.

15.40 – Single Mum second time around, now in another country. Homeschooling her son.

17.00 – When pandemic hit, it was time for reflection and quit her job.

19.00 – Set herself up in coaching and consulting for parents and teachers in education.

19.05 – For parent and teacher well-being, avoiding burn-out.

19.25 – Speaking from experience on burnout and ignoring your health.

20.05 – At the time didn’t realize she was going through a burnout.

21.05 – The burnout affected her mentally and physically then she knew something wasn’t right.

21.30 – Went to down the path of traditional as well as alternative medicine.

21.55 – The past emotions and stresses were the things that needed to be resolved.

23.00 – Carla had been taking care of her physical well-being before the burnout but not her emotional health.

25.00 – At the age of 40 she ended up in the hospital with Gall stones, a non-functioning gall bladder, and a hernia.

27.00 – Gall Bladder removed and hernia fixed. This was a big wake up call.

29.30 – That was the time to start thinking about an exit plan to leave her full-time job.

32.20 – Thought about well-being coaching, as it had been a big part of her life in raising her children.

34.00 – Makes you a better coach, consultant when you have experienced life’s lessons.

35.15 – There is a lot more awareness today about the energetic level, how anger, stress, the environment affect you physically.

36.40 – Had no mum growing up and was raised by her Dad who was Jamaican in his 50’s. Brought up in an old fashion way. Carla was the eldest of three so she took on the responsibility of looking after her siblings.

37.50 – People find Carla on social media or through referrals

38.05 – Will only take on people that want to develop themselves and have to be evident.

40.30 – Parents already have the tools to teach their children.

41.05 – Give parents the encouragement and empowerment that they are already doing a good job with their children.

41.40 – Building courses for parents and teachers.

43.30 – There has always been pressure on mothers to appear perfect but has got worse since the introduction of Instagram and the images of perfection.

44.05 – Trends of the super-fit mum, the bar keeps on being raised on the perfect Mum.

46.30 – Finances and financial pressure are some of the issues that pop up in Carla’s coaching especially with single mums.

47.00 – Parents would rather buy the latest fashion item or gift then paying for something that would benefit their children.

47.35 – Parents would say books are so expensive but are actually cheaper than some fast-food restaurants.

48.10 – Parents struggle with their own image, due to Instagram.

49.50 – Parents complain about a child’s behavior but don’t give attention to their child as they are always on their phone.

50.30 – People are becoming addicted to their phones, which adds to their stress levels.

53.20 – School is about teaching skills, not giving information.

54.45 – Giving people the knowledge of scheduling can change someone’s life.

55.15 – Always be you.

56.45 -

57.05 – Has her own podcast. Wonder & Well Being Podcast.

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2.08 – Joined The Army at 16

2.45 – Why Joining the army – age 15,16 had 3 options Wind Surfing, Scholarship Bristol Alvick, Apprenticeship with Anglian Windows,

3.35 – Religious retreat, roman catholic going away at weekends. Heard a voice in his head, what should I do and it said to join the army. The next day he signed up.

5.07 – Someone had belief in him and never forget it, so wants to give back when it comes to other people.

6.15 – Chef in the army. Wanted to go in the household cavalry but they didn’t let him.

7.30 – The love of home economics led him to be a chef in the army

8.04 – Army marches on its stomach

8.48 – Been all over the world for 10 years in the army.

10.04 – I can't read and I can't write but I can drive a tractor – saying because he was from Bristol.

10.50 – If he was told he can't do it, he always wanted to prove them wrong.

13.10 – Didn’t stand for bullying, but wanted to help people and to be fair.

13.40 – Being in the service industry to do your best, provide quality.

14.00 – Stupid & Nieve – Chef with 22 SAS – Followed the steps of Lawrence Arabia, Jungle with Ubon tribesmen, flown an Agusta 109 helicopter.

15.00 – Fighting on the rugby pitch with a lieutenant, which ended up Steve being on show parades for 6 months

15.35 – Leave the army then go into the fire brigade, which was a fail but he failed the multiple choice because he didn't focus on the questions, so didn’t get in.

16.36 – World fell apart after leaving the army

17.15 – HGV 3 HGV 2 never used those skills after leaving the army.

18.04 – Fortune teller said you must stay on the Lilly pad and not jump around to achieve your goals. Didn’t listen.

18.25 – Only now does he realize that he should have stayed on the Lilly pad

18.45 – Much wiser.

18.51 – Top 10 earners for a door to door salesman for Cobra Group – Commission Only – earning stupid money

19.15 – Thought he had to be and act someone he wasn’t due to the kind of money he was earning. Confident and arrogant

20.00 – Envy someone but do you really know what it is like to walk in my shoes.

20.45 – Churchill Arms – Sausage factory. – Sold 35 different types of sausages.

21.14 – The chef got ill so Steve stepped in and saved the day with his chef cooking ability.

21.20 – Luton to Tyne over the weekend. Didn’t want to let the team down

22.05 – Wife, 4 kids, and 4 grandchildren. They are Steve’s grounding

22.40 – 53 years old, I have the tools, now how do I use them do my best abilities.

23.30 – Outside Wandsworth Prison, having ex-prisoners chasing him down the road.

24.20 – People come up to Steve thanking him on what inspiration he said.

25.13 – Sports Podcast making a difference – about the story to inspire.

26.00 – All guests have something special to give.

27.00 – Bring out the best in their guests.

28.00 – Become a mentor in your career

28.20 – Life Change 2 years ago arriving back in Qatar with 200 QR in his pocket

28.58 – Wanted to promote Street Soccer

29.21 – Didn’t know where his next meal would come from

29.40 – Mentoring at Carnegie Mellon based on a free lunch.

30.20 – Didn’t think he was worthy because he wasn’t educated but realized his natural ability and experience.

31.00 – Intimidated by the educated

31.45 – Natural ability to match peoples skills

32.10 – Still intimidated

32.29 – Untethered Soul – Big inspiration

33.00 – A journey of self-discovery and during the pandemic has given individual support.

33.50 – Scary, horrible but a chapter that has given me inner strength.

34.57 – Work as hard as you can, love what you do, someone will find you.

35.35 – Qatar has no fear, next generation

36.15 – I am a different person.

36.45 – Sometimes you get bogged down and not looking for help.

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We always want the best for our little ones, catch on #DohaHeat this week as we have Charlotte Casper talking more about what we can do for our babies! 👶🏻 #LISTEN: #Doha #Infant #Medicine #Doctor #Qatar

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How many national anthems you think you can sing? Well Fares Dehbi can definitely do more than ten! 💯 Catch him on #DohaHeat this week and awaken your inner patriots for your countries! LISTEN: #Doha #Qatar #Songs #Music #NationalAnthem #Culture

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Our cultures were forged by hundreds of years and thousands of reasons, we owe it to each other to respect it, no matter how different. Catch Mariam Charour on #DohaHeat this week to have a fresh look on working with diversity. 🏡 LISTEN: #Doha #Community #Qatar #Diversity #Culture

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Coming together from different corners of the society to bring you the latest upcoming events in #Qatar every Sunday! If you want to keep updated with what's happening, make sure to stay tuned to #GingerALERT! 🚨#GingerCamel #YourOnion #DohaHeat #InTheGame #Doha #Events #QatarEvents #Sports #Business #Entertainment #Fashion #Food

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Reema Abu Hasan is a young entrepreneur who used her skills in architecture and her love for pottery to introduce a pottery studio Clay Encounters to Doha. Within a year of opening, Clay Encounters has gained popularity and retails at the National Museum of Qatar. Tune in today to hear from Reema about the soothing nature of pottery and the rewarding nature of her work!

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in conversation with the Honorable Mr. Carlos Hernandez, the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Qatar and his spouse Noela Romero. Tune in as they share their experiences of belonging in multiple places and discuss the bilateral relationship between Qatar and Argentina.

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Elisabete Reis is an inspirational female entrepreneur who built a name for herself within a decade of living in Doha. Tune into hear from the Image, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant about her inspiration, journey, and an expert's take on modest fashion!

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Today, we speak to Nader Diab, a travel enthusiast and co-founder of The Globe Jumpers, an online platform that helps fellow travelers with all travel and adventure information around the world. These friends travel around the world and take photos of themselves jumping with scenic locales, but they also raise awareness about health conditions, initiatives, and charities. We discuss positivity and how to embrace it on a daily basis, brain education, getting out of your comfort zone, and much more! 

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Today, we speak to Rebekah Gomez, Founder of Superheroes Eat Plants. We talk about her journey transitioning to veganism and the benefits of going vegan on the health, animals, and environment. Listen in for how to stay healthy and still have affordable vegan food options, Rebekah’s company, and more.

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Jasmin Maier’s love for animals started ever since childhood. While she pursued different fields in hotel management and marketing as an adult, she still felt a lack of fulfillment within her. This eventually led her to leaving her full-time job and starting her own business, The Pawkeeper Qatar, as a dog trainer. In this episode, we discuss everything dogs, from the reason for why dog training is a necessity, to how to get over your phobia of animals. Listen in for her full story!

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This week, our special guest is Shehar Bano Rizvi, a popular Instagram blogger and photographer in Doha. We talk about her experience living in Qatar and how the country has evolved over the years, her struggles with finding her own community here and the challenges she faced with regards to her mental health, and how she’s started her own photography business. Listen in for a very special and inspirational episode!

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Afshin Jaber's passion for the field of music started from childhood, when music education was unheard of in the region. Now, he is a professional pianist and music education expert in Qatar. In this episode, we talk about the journey he took to achieving his dreams, the challenges he faced along the way, and the importance of schooling in music.

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In this episode, Zarina Rajah, a popular blogger and personality in Qatar interviews our host, Ifath Sayed. She turns the tables around and gets Ifath to answer questions about her life, how she chose her career, her passion for women empowerment, the important of podcasts, and things you didn’t know about our host! 

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With a unique upbringing in an old-age home, Nigel Downes grew up to become a stellar photographer who has covered the Rwandan genocide and been on several other photographic ventures. In this episode, we talk about his near-death experiences and how they transformed his life, his love for photography, and his latest Ramadan project in Qatar!

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Mariam Al-Dhubhani and Mohammed Al-Jaberi are a power couple soon to be graduating from Qatar Foundation. We talked about their move from Yemen to Qatar in the midst of the war, the survivor’s guilt they had to deal with, and their experience studying in the QF universities. Listen in to this couple talking about all things education!

Direct download: DH_QF_2.mp3
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We’re collaborating with Qatar Foundation to celebrate their convocation! In this episode, we speak to Anusheh Zaman, a student from VCUArts Qatar and Mohammad Almansouri from Texas A&M University at Qatar. We talk about the high education system in Qatar, the student's achievements, the challenges they faced in their four years at university and their future plans. 

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Who says modesty cannot be fashionable? Shafna Majeed, a Qatar based stay-at-home mom, challenges this very notion with her own fashion brand after she noticed a lack of modest fashion options for Muslim women in the market. We talk about her experiences living in Qatar, the mental and physical challenges she faced, and her latest venture, Zenanah, a modest clothing brand for women. Listen in for some sure-fire inspiration. 

We're also collaborating with Zenanah for a giveaway. To enter, click here.

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Jean-Marie, better known as Gigi, is a well-known show host on Qatar Living, a model and social media influencer in Qatar. In this episode, we talk to her about her career in modeling, the misconceptions associated with the field, and the role of influencers in Qatar. She provides some tips to people looking to enter the field and also standards influencers should hold themselves accountable to. 

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Qatar has been under a lot of scrutiny these past years for human and labor rights, so we invited the International Labor Organization (ILO) to clear some of these misconceptions. We spoke to Houtan Homayounpour, Head of the ILO Project office for the State of Qatar about the reason behind the Qatar-ILO partnership, new initiatives and reforms the government is taking, how Qatar has tackled criticism with regards to human rights, and much more! 

Direct download: DH__ILO.mp3
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You've seen our host, Ifath Sayed always getting other people's secrets out, but on this episode, we find out surprising things about her from the person who knows her best, her mom, Tasneem Sayed! Kenza Bakrim, our producer, joins us in this episode with some fun games and facilitates some great mother-daughter banter. Listen in below for the best Mother's Day special you've ever heard. 

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In this episode marking International Women's Day, we had quite an animated discussion with Amira Shohdi, Egyptian blogger and founder of the #Icantdoitall movement, where we discussed women's rights from cultural, social, political, and religious perspectives. We talked about the pressures faced by today's women, as well as their advancement and successes. Listen in to celebrate this special day with two women who feel strongly about women empowerment. 

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Moos d'Herripon, Theatre Director and Drama Teacher from Netherlands, was passionate about theatre ever since she was a child. This passion led to her interest in physical acting and then working as a director all around the world. In this episode, we talk about the meaningfulness of the art, the theatre scene in Qatar, and much more!

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We're celebrating Qatar National Sports Day soon, so it only makes sense for us to talk to one of the biggest sporting organizations of the nation, Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy. In this episode, Samantha Sifah, their Head of Committee Outreach talks about all the community events organized by the Committee leading up to the World Cup and how you can participate. We discuss the meaningfulness of community development, playing or engaging in sports, and we also asked her the most important question of all—what she thinks Qatar will look like after 2022. 

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Can you imagine what it's like to resign from a lucrative position of a CEO from a renowned company so you can follow your dreams? Omar Ashour left his comfortable job and took up the challenge of setting off on his own entrepreneurial journey last year with his company, EButler, an application where you can gain access to reliable service providers for all kinds of services, from home beauty, phone repair, educational, to even car repair services, bringing you the ultimate convenience. In this episode, we talk all about the process of being an entrepreneur, from challenges and pitfalls to tips on succeeding as one.

To download the app:

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Stephanie Innes-Smith and Kate Cliffe talk to us about their wonderful initiative, Team Q90K, which is the first all-female team that will run across Qatar, east-to-west, 90km, in a run taking place on 25 January 2019. We discuss what inspires them to keep fit, the benefits of running, and more.

Direct download: DH_Season_2E015_DBS.mp3
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Dr. Carmen Lopez struggled with financial difficulties growing up, which delayed her college education, but that didn't stop her from successfully achieving a PHD degree. She came to Qatar as a scientist, but her love for reading and writing encouraged her to write a series of short stories about her Puerto Rican culture, but one different from others—these stories don't focus on violence and anger as is the case for most books, but rather gives a positive touch to human struggles. Dr. Carmen believes that's what her country needs as it recovers from the violent hurricane that struck it this year. To find out when the book comes out and learn about her courage, grit and perseverance, listen in.

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From teaching fun cooking methods and tips on Al Jazeera Children to learning for 10 years under the multi-Michelin starred celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey himself, Elias Gemayel has made quite a name for himself in the restaurant industry. In this episode, we chat about his journey to success as a chef, his job at Opal by Gordon Ramsey in St. Regis Doha, his favorite food and cuisine, and much more!

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Pierre Daniel has been passionate about athletics ever since he was a child. When he came to Qatar, he worked for Aspire to put together programs that raised health awareness in Qatar. He was also the first person to walk and run around Qatar over the course of a few days and receive a Guinness Book World Record for the same. With his initiatives, he aims to empower others to step outside their comfort zones, become more active, and also to highlight the beauty of the nation. Listen to this episode for some health-related inspiration, to learn about Pierre's latest cycling around Qatar initiative to raise awareness about road safety, and much more!
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In this episode, we talk to Dr. James Onley about his interest in the history of the Middle East, his transition from academia to the Qatar National Library, and his interesting theory of when Qatar disappeared from the map. We also talk about the incredible initiative by Qatar National Library to create the largest archive on the Middle East completely free and available for everybody to access and many more resources.

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Did you know that 80% of a child's learning occurs through their eyes?  In this episode, we talk to Dr. David Hunter Cherwek from Orbis, the flying eye hospital, which provides services and resources to developing countries around the world, about how bad eyesight or ophthalmological diseases can impact a society, and the importance of giving back to the community. We also discuss the vision behind Orbis and how Dr. Cherwek found himself in this field. 

Direct download: DH_Season_2E09_Hunter.mp3
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After a successful career in business and marketing, Elsbeth Blekkenhorst opened her own shoe brand. Having nothing to do with fashion before that, she turned some of her negative experiences with finding comfortable shoes into a passion project. In this episode, we talk about the positive experiences and challenges associated with opening your own business, women supporting women, and so much more!

Direct download: DH_Season_2E08_Elsbeth.mp3
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Ever wanted to go to therapy but heard that you should pray your worries away or that it's "just a phase?" In this episode, we bust some mental health myths with Shefa Obaid, a Canadian psychologist. We discuss Shefa's experience working in refugee camps as a mental health practitioner, the physical changes that take place in the brain for someone suffering from mental disorders, and what coping mechanisms can we use to help ourselves and those around us when we don't have access to psychologists.


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Working in a male-dominated industry can be quite daunting to many women. Sahar El Rafai, an engineer by profession, has taken this as a challenge and brought out the best out of this experience with her. This part-time personal trainer talks to us about balancing two careers, dealing with the challenges of working in a male-dominated industry where a woman may not be taken seriously because of her gender, self-care, and much more!

Direct download: DH_Season_2E06_Sara.mp3
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Sam Meekings' love for writing came from childhood, when he wrote his first book about going on adventures with his dog. As a university graduate, his passion for writing intersected with his interest in exploring different cultures. As a teacher in China, he discovered a fascinating story about the trials of a couple's relationship as they experience Mao's Cultural Regime and the birth of modern China. Not realizing what he was getting himself into, he started his first historical fiction novel. In this episode, we discuss the ins-and-outs of being a writer, what strategies can you use to motivate yourself to keep writing, and how to do justice when you write about another culture without culturally appropriating it.

Check out his new book on the story behind a painting by Vincent Van Gogh here:



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Grace Medina's love for handicrafts didn't start from childhood, even though she belonged to a family of designers. A journalist from Venezuela, she discovered her passion for quilting and patchwork when she decided to explore different avenues as a bored stay-at-home mom. In this episode, we talk about the intricacies of quilting and patchwork, her organization, Handy and Crafty, the connections between art and culture, and how engaging yourself in some form of art can help you cultivate joy and satisfaction and become part of a community.

Direct download: DH_Season_2E05_HandCrafty.mp3
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Sondra Hope, founder of Yala Healthy, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the early age of 24, then faced recurring bouts of it. But the one thought that kept her going through this struggle was that she wanted to be healthier for her daughter. Once overweight, Sondra is now a fitness and health trainer with a unique methodology to train her clients—not just focusing on food and exercise, but also helping them train their minds. Listen to today's episode, where we dive deep into her past and ongoing struggles with cancer, her fitness ideology, tips on living a healthy lifestyle, and the nutritious, tasty, and super affordable treats she offers on Yala Healthy.

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The obstacles and the struggles life throw at us can be very daunting and hard to get over. When they’re left unspoken, it can cause a deep-rooted issues within us, such as anxiety. And often times, it's hard to find a community to reach out to for help. When Kausar and Mariam had this realization, they decided to bring together their passions to start Community Connect Doha, an initiative aimed at creating dialogue, so people in Doha could discuss issues pertaining to the community in workshops and other events. In this episode, we speak about their experience as expat kids and parents, the importance of community and talking about stigmatized topics, and more!


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What an episode to kick off the second season with! Our guest this week is the super vibrant and spirited, Harriet Gyamfuah. We talk about how unexpected events got her jobs in Prada, Miu Miu, and Marie Claire, her passion for fashion, writing, and public relations, and the transformation she's experienced in her journey navigating the world of fashion as a woman of color. 

Direct download: DH_Season_2E01.mp3
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When Khedija Dellal moved to Qatar, she had a hard time interacting with people. Now, the mother of two finds connection with others being a personal trainer and Instagram blogger and helping women stay fit. Listen to how pregnancy changed her life, how she overcame a tough delivery, and how she pursues a fit lifestyle with her children. Through her passion, she helps pregnant woman become stronger and more prepared for motherhood in the comfort of their homes. Listen to the full episode to know her motivational story and learn how exercise and activity can empower you.


If you would like to donate to save animal shelters in Qatar, here's the link:


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Hani Arif and Nathalie Wherlock met some time after Natalie permanently moved to Qatar and bonded over shawarmas and fatayers. The now husband-and-wife duo are founders of, a food blog, which shares their reviews and thoughts about the various restaurants in Doha. Listen to know more about how they aim to help the Doha community through their blog, their suggestions on how we can make Qatar a food destination, and their favorite restaurant recommendations. 
Where can you find the best lemon mint in Doha? Let us know in the comments!
As mentioned in the episode, if you would like to donate to save animal shelters in Qatar, here's the link:

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Zahra Shikara is unstoppable. From earning a black belt in Taekwondo and undergoing Shaolin Kung Fu training in China to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and practicing a 14-day water fast for an extreme physical and mental experience, she has tried it all. Our guest this week enjoys pushing herself to her limits and breaking barriers. Listen to her speak about her adventures and her tips on how to mentally train yourself to establish a fit and healthy lifestyle. You will also learn how your physical fitness can impact your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Direct download: Doha_Heat_-_Ep_29.mp3
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Have you ever met someone who exudes creativity? This week's guest is the imaginative interdisciplinary designer, Islam Shehab, who speaks about how his architectural background and creative thirst led him to interdisciplinary design and his interest in speculative design (hint: Black Mirror uses speculative design). To learn more about what is speculative design, Islam's twirly mustache, his tips on unleashing your creativity, and his upcoming exhibition at the fire station, listen to the full episode! 

As mentioned in the episode, if you would like to donate to save animal shelters in Qatar, here's the link:
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Our guest for this episode is the super fun, sassy, and unbiased Qatar food and travel blogger, Rachel Morris. She speaks about her food adventures in Qatar, her love for traveling, and how she feeds her creativity through her blog. She also speaks about the books she's written (hint hint, true crime), her journey to becoming a food and travel blogger, and her favorite cities. To find about her recommended restaurants (and podcasts!), listen to the full episode.
Direct download: Doha_Heat_-_Episode_26.mp3
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When you think of lifestyle bloggers, you probably don't think of someone who wears a veil. Challenging these stereotypes on an everyday basis is Khansa, founder of Creativity With Kay. She's a lifestyle, food, and travel blogger based in Doha. Listen to this episode to hear about how she confronted the skepticism around her persona and became one of Qatar's biggest influencers. 

As mentioned in the episode, if you would like to donate to save animal shelters in Qatar, here's the link:

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When Hichame Moubarak started introspecting as a teenager, he realized that he needed to make some changes. This is how his journey towards reinvention began. From sky diving to the Iron Man Triathlon, he decided he would do anything and everything to step outside his comfort zone. Now, he works a full-time job in Qatar along with supporting his passion for ultra endurance athletics. Listen to this episode to gain some inspiration on the process of reinvention, personality development, and how developing your physical strength could help your mental and emotional wellbeing.

To donate to Hichame's charitable water initiative, click here:

As mentioned in the episode, if you would like to donate to save animal shelters in Qatar, here's the link:

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This week’s guest is the phenomenal weather presenter from Al Jazeera, Everton Fox. We talk about his inspiring journey from BBC World to Al Jazeera in Doha, his expertise in meteorology, the issue of global warming and climate change today, what the increasing temperatures around the world could mean, and the simple things we can do on an everyday basis to help the environment. Being a long-time friend of Stefan’s, Everton also gives us fun tidbits of information that you might not have known about Ginger Camel’s CEO.

As mentioned in the episode, if you would like to donate to save animal shelters in Qatar, here's the link:

Direct download: Everton_Fox_final.mp3
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As a child, Arvind Rampal was fascinated with books that discussed personal growth, so it only made sense that he would find a job in the field of personal development and human capital. He is now the Managing Director at Qatar Skills Academy.

In this episode, he talks about the philosophy of positive thinking called 'Law of Attraction,' building the right mindset to attain success, and the field of coaching and development. In Qatar, Arvind organizes regular meet-ups and invites anyone in Doha to discuss various topics from mindfulness to building up positive habits that will build one's personality.

Direct download: Arvind_Rampal_final.mp3
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Yoga has been around for ages, but not everyone can wrap their heads around its effects and benefits. With international Yoga Day right around the corner, what better time would there be to understand the science behind the practice?In this episode, we speak to Mary Bugg, Founder of Yoga Bugg, who shares her unique story of how learning yoga changed her life. Listen in to know about the different forms of yoga and what kind of yoga you can start practicing to cater to your lifestyle. 

This episode is brought to you by Warwick Doha, a five-star hotel located in the heart of Doha. They have incredible Eid offers that you absolutely must experience. It's Eid after all, from from buffets and World Cup screenings to spa packages—the perfect time to treat and reward yourself.

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We're turning four on 14 June! It's been a wonderful ride and we cannot wait to share the stories of more wonderful people on our podcast.
In this week's episode, we have a special guest, the founder of Doha Heat, John Savage who shares his experiences with starting Qatar's first podcast. We talk about why he wanted to start a podcast, the challenges he faced, and our journey in the past 4 years. Also joining in on this episode is Stefan Lindberg-Jones, CEO of Ginger Camel and our publisher.
Thank you so much to all our listeners for their support. We couldn't have done this without you!

S/O to our show sponsor this week Warwick Doha, who treated our host to a luxurious spa and a delicious iftar buffet. Check them out for amazing Ramadan offers and treat yourself—you deserve it.

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This week, we hosted Haitham Kurdi, founder of Ramadan's Pearl Charity Meals in Qatar.  The initiative feeds more than 230 workers at The Pearl Qatar daily through iftar nutrition packs as well as hot meals from kind neighbours and supportive local restaurants. Listen in to know about the meaningfulness of this venture, and how you can contribute too!

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_20.mp3
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Is your skin dull and tired from all the stress it goes through? Do you want to know the small steps you can take on an everyday basis to protect and help nourish it?
This week, we spoke to the illustrious Marzena Hallam, founder of Emoly, who creates 100% organic and 100% natural skin care products in Qatar, along with working a day job. Listen in to know what the best practices are to care for your skin and to learn about how an organic skincare regime can benefit you.
Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_19_2.mp3
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Do you believe in book fairies?

Doha Heat had the pleasure of chatting with a real-life Book Fairy! Jean Bayaborda, founder of The Book Fairies Qatar, talks about her love for books and how she raises awareness of reading in Doha.

Do you have a passion for reading and spreading satisfaction to others? Download our podcast and listen to learn how you can become a book fairy too!

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_18.mp3
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Doha Heat had the pleasure to host Nourah Al Sulaiman, Students Outreach Manager of Ensaniyat. Ensaniyat is a project under the umbrella of and aims at spreading knowledge and awareness about migrant and domestic workers rights in Kuwait and Qatar. Listen to our Podcast

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_17.mp3
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Doha Heat had the pleasure to meet Jack Saba GM of Public Affairs Sasol. We discussed their CSR initiative "Accessible Qatar" and "Definitely Able Qatar" to Inspire us all and bring awareness about the super abilities of those with disabilities. Bringing your attention to the first public inclusive park in the entire region where children with all types of abilities can play together.

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_15.mp3
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Coach Elizabeth Wood, Founder of Inspire Me spoke on the topic of Self-Confidence, a common topic for those who seek coaching. Her approach is to keep it simple by offering 5 Simple Steps to Self-Confidence. She empowers her audience to commit to tangible action steps within the week. Download the podcast and benefit from a surge of energy coming through your speakers! 

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_13.mp3
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Goal setting through coaching...

Doha Heat had the pleasure to host our guest Abdulaziz Dallol Leadership and Life Coach yesterday. We discussed how Aziz supports his clients to reach their goals by tackling limiting beliefs they may have about themselves, as well as exploring the comfort zone and how to break out of it in order to grow. We also tapped into pain and how pain can serve us. If you haven't yet watched the LIVE video check it out below and download the podcast to catch it all!

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_12.mp3
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LIVE with our guest Anahi Brown -Lifestyle and Wellness coach. We learn about Paleo and Keto diets and general mindfulness to keep us happy and energised!

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_11.mp3
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Hello Doha Heat! We had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Jacinthe Lamontagne-Lecomte on our FB LIVE podcast. Jacinthe likes to introduce herself as a Citizen of the World free of labels and told us; "I'm not an artist". We discussed her photography, art-work, and canvas work within the theme of capturing emotions. To know more download this week's podcast and show support. Follow Jacinthe for more inspiration. Let's get curious!

International Artists Doha will have an event at the W-Hotel on the 24th March 2018 unveiling Jacinthe's canvas titled "Emotions"

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_10.mp3
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Brainchild of "Filipiknows" Carlo Yan joined us this morning in the studio to discuss his blooming business in Qatar and the Gulf. Today's theme was motivation. We discussed what motivates us, and strategies to stay on track whilst en route to achieving our goals. We also discussed the concept of the comfort zone and what we can potentially do to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone to step into our full potential and grow. His goal is to reach out to the Filipino community worldwide, and his motivation is his family.

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_9.mp3
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This episode we addressed the concept of celebrating our positive emotions more than we usually do. We compared how as humans we tend to dwell on negative emotions and stay 'in' them much longer than our positive emotions. We discussed this in light of the current situation in Qatar, and how the blockade has affected our emotional wellbeing. It comes down to our choice whether we push through the bad times to embrace the good.

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_8.mp3
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Good evening Doha Heat! We had the pleasure of hosting 12-year old singer Janna Tompson. This week's theme was learning from our challenges and turning it into something positive. Janna spoke of her passion for singing and music and how it helps her on a daily basis to overcome bullying. She touched on how speaking out and asking for help during tough times supported her to be herself and care less about what people think of her. She sang for us and we are delighted to hear her beautiful voice... download this episode now and follow Janna on her inspiring journey.

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_7.mp3
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This week's guest was Salman Bin Nasser, Qatari Explorer. We spoke of how his expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro inspired him to grow and pursue success as well as his hike across Qatar . We also spoke of what is it that inspires us as humans and how we experience fulfilment in life.

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode_6.mp3
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This podcast is about how to visualise your best life. A vision board is a creative way to put your dreams down on paper or design on the computer.  

Direct download: Doha_Heat_EW_Episode5.mp3
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The Disease to Please was theme of the week, with our  special guest Amal Al Muftah, Qatari Film Maker, Artist and Director. 


Elizabeth and Amal discussed the challenge of People-Pleasing in a creative industry such as film making. Amal shared her insight into how she overcame the challenge of pleasing others and began to please herself by setting boundaries and no longer restricting her creativity. Through the chat, Elizabeth and Amal gave the listeners insight into what people pleasing is and how we can grow and be more creative and authentic if we put ourselves first.

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We had the pleasure to host Doha-based Henna artist Nazma Mazhar as our guest on Doha Heat's podcast this morning. She uses her artistic talent as a personal charity project to bring happiness to cancer patients in Doha and those who have lost their hair to the disease alopecia.

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Jeanne leads the Doha Environmental Actions Project. Doha Environmental Actions Project is keen to raise public awareness of the environmental damage caused by the littering, and aid in making the public aware of the new Law #18 of 2017 on public hygiene which prohibits littering in public spaces and lays down stringent penalties for offenders.  

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Stefan Lindberg-Jones introduces Elizabeth Wood to the Doha Heat podcast audience. We get to hear why she has taken the role of host and what she will bring to the show.

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Today we are revisiting our friend, instrumental rock musician Shehzad Bhanji as he has recently produced his second album. This time we talk about the major shift in the global music industry as well as a musical scene in Qatar. About new ways of being an artist in the digital era, following your dreams and about the music of course.
For more information please visit

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Zoe Hawk is an artist who shows us the mysterious world of girls, mostly innocent and sometimes vicious. Her works are deep yet easy to understand, they touch the issues of childhood, social adaptation, gender. If you have ever been a girl you will relate. In case you haven’t… Well, we talked with Zoe about much more than that. So join us while we try to answer the eternal questions of what is art and how do we know. And while you listen, visit her website: or instagram: @zoe.hawk

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Have you ever been bored at a museum? Tired perhaps? Don’t worry, our today’s guest  Pamela Erskine-Loftus will tell us about what do museums of today do to save you from the museum fatigue. That’s an actual term. We will also discuss how great it is to enjoy a good cultural experience and why it’s better to not try do a whole museum at once.
So tune in, and enhance your culture with us.

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Did you know the Museum of Islamic Art was designed by the same architect, who designed the Louvre Pyramid? Or that when the National museum of Qatar was first opened it didn’t have a collection to display?
If you want to fall in love with Qatar, the unique place where we live, listen to our guest
Dr. Mariam Al-Mulla. She is  a cultural researcher at Qatar University, a former director of Qatar National Museum, a curator and organizer of many exhibitions, an art historian, a  museologist and much more. With us she shares the stories of Qatar. The stories of heritage, family, growth and aspiration.
Join us for this conversation, and you will feel Qatar a little more.

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